Research in the kitchen

Development in science is one of the main factors that influence research in the kitchen. As science has a dominant influence in all aspects of life, so it is reflected in gastronomy as well.

Our needs and expectations are developing and growing, more or less, in all aspects. We have evolved from landline phones to smartphones. Logically, processing and treatment of ingredients are going to evolve as well. It is important to understand that modifying does not imply denying of existing, but it’s development.

Permanent search for new flavors, textures, forms and ingredients gives us unlimited possibilities. It also gives us great freedom in creating and working with new dishes.  In environment like ours, there is a great imbalance between availability of ingredients and their presence in our diet. That fact is one of the main initiators of New Balkan Cuisine concept.

We argue that our cuisine has a much greater potential. New Balkan Cuisine starts with ingredients, because techniques and skills are present world wide. It is very difficult to determine their true origin, hence we’ve  freed ourselves from considering this element as relevant.

Some world classics have been suppressed and than revived through certain corrections. This process is enduring and present in all spheres of life. It is, perhaps, most noticeable in fashion. You could’n amuse your palate today with dishes that were modern in 19th century. Those were very tasty dishes, but expectations of a gastro-explorer and adventurer  are much higher.

As techniques are available world wide, key is to combine them with local ingredients. That way we are creating an array of flavors of this terroir and making them available to final consumer. Techniques are in service of particular ingredient and their purpose is to get out the best from that ingredient.

In order to create something new you need to rationally view the existing, the old. It is important to free oneself from presumptions and unneeded rules. At a first glance it may seem that food is not changing the course of civilization, although it is. It is obvious in renewed awareness about food and ingredients. Realizing the unenviable state of civilization, resulting from over industrialization and ignorance, some societies are turning back to core values. That being the sole quality of the ingredient as a starting point.

Balkan countries have been greatly influenced from the East and the West. We often reject that and attribute it to other nations. We forget that techniques are available world wide and that ingredients are the essence of the terroir.

Having that in mind, New Balkan Cuisine project has great resources. As ingredients are our starting point and the reason why it is a true pleasure working on the realization.