How to save culture and heritage from oblivion?

We can save them for generations to come if we constantly, diligently, work on on their improvement.

Changes are the essence of culture and a result of constant pursuit of new ways of expression. They often occur under the influence of other cultures.

Food, as an important part of culture, very clearly reflects influences and state of society through history. It is influenced by all aspects of life. From economic factors, geographical ones and ones conditioned by development of science.

New Balkan Cuisine concept changes the food, the way it is perceived and it is consumed. We want to adjust it to present time expectations and needs. Our knowledge and experience allow us to understand the core values. We respect the core values and modify food and culture accordingly by changing its form.

That way we are creating a completely new experience form already known flavors, which is the main task of New Balkan Cuisine concept.