New Balkan Cuisine

New – represents the search for new ideas, techniques and processes, as well a constant improvement of existing ones. Combining and playing with food preparation techniques results in a completely new experience. High-quality criteria and expectations are always forcing us to experiment with the aim of creating something new.

It is clear that Balkan border is a variable, turbulent history and various influences have shaped this region, creating its specific character.
Our constant aspiration to distinguish from each other leads to local divisions (‘theirs, ours’ concept). But when we go down in the history – the borders have been changing constantly and we realize that in the most cases it is really hard to determine the food origins.

By implementing that specific character into the meals we create adds value, we make a difference, and we deliver “something new” ….

The term “Cuisine” is a special link between first and the second part of the title. When we combine the new process of food preparation with local ingredient we refer to what makes this area special and get something more than just a simple “kitchen” word translation.

New Balkan Cuisine strives to present all treasures of this region in terms of food products, tradition and character, through the creative review of local ingredients and food. Processing them in compliance with today’s scientific achievements and striving to meet higher criteria and expectations.

New – Search for new ideas | Balkans – As a territorial coverage | Cuisine – As a sublimed level of food preparation.