Buša beef through New Balkan Cuisine

Appears on our menu often and is surely an ingredient that deserves all of our attention. Every part carries it’s own uniqueness. Through form, flavor and the way of cooking.

You should approach cooking Buša beef with the understanding of it’s main characteristics. They are mainly conditioned by Buša’s way of life.

On our eight menus, Buša beef has appeared in these forms:

Tenderloin – raw, thinly sliced and served with smoked milk gel, caramelized onion paste and flax seed cracker.

Sirloin – raw, thinly sliced and served with wild garlic foam on buckwheat blini.

Leg – in a form of a ragu, on caramelized cauliflower cream, potato balls, crispy Buša beef cracker, coffee sponge and bread sauce (popara)

Ribs – slow cooked, served with hazelnut flour gnocchi and bone reduction.

Shoulder – pulled meat in eclair with sage foam and sauteed mushrooms.

Bones – in perfect sauce from bones and vegetables.

Intensity of flavor Buša has, secured it a dominant role in all our dishes. Other components had a role to balance or to enhance it’s lush flavor.