Menu October 2017


Forest meat

Smoked carp

Meat tea


Beef fillet

Cornelian cherry

Plum gnocchi

Smoked beetroot

Chickpeas Salep


Pasta with walnuts

Menu September 2017


Buša terrine Hazelnut

Raw beef slices



Aged beef

Lemon balm granita

Plum Sage Black tea

Chickpeas Hazelnut

Fig Grilled cheese

Crispy veg Smoke

Peppers Lentil

Tendon chips

A crispy chips is easily made from beef tendons. It can be used as garnish, condiment or snack.

Tendons are cooked in water for 4 hours or until soften. Cooked tendons are then rolled into a cylinder shape, 3cm in diameter, and frozen. Frozen tendons are sliced into 1,5mm thin slices and dehydrated for 6 hours on 65°C. When dehydrated, tendons are ready for frying in deep oil (190°C). Frying process lasts only a couple of seconds. Excess fat is drained on a kitchen towel. Tendons are seasoned to taste and served.

Very easy process.

We use them in combination with thin slices of raw beef and beef heart snow, as a carrier of fried aroma and as a textural contrast.

New Balkan Cuisine dinner on Durmitor

New challenges are the force that moves most of us.  As we finish one, we set a foundation for the next.

I’ve started New Balkan Cuisine with a desire to bring closer the beauty of Balkan flavors to everybody, including ourselves.

Durmitor is our next challenge.

A mountain range that awakens in us a feeling of respect for nature, as it accentuates nature’s beauty and power.

An ideal location for elevating the food experience. As well as realization of Dinner in the open concept through food that reflects the beauty of Durmitor.

I want all senses to be in symbiosis and to feel the same location.

Durmitor spring 2018.

Join New Balkan Cuisine Philosophy

Team behind New Balkan Cuisine concept, through restaurant Iris, gives a new meaning to traditional and seeks new flavors in those already discovered.

Through everyday work and by researching numerous localities of our terroir we realized that there is one more local resource that deserves our additional attention.

We invite all producers, gatherers and potential collaborators to introduce us with their product, if they think that we could present it through one of our menus.

Every day there is something new to learn and discover, and that is one of the main reasons why we are in gastronomy – because it brings together curiosity and indulgence.

Curiosity that led us to Meat tea, Popara in almost unrecognizable form and  many other dishes that expended our senses and excited our mind.

I expect your products – contact us at